Are you aware that Bernie repeated asked Hillary to start the debates sooner?
Dave Elliott

“Are you aware that Bernie repeated asked Hillary to start the debates sooner? Do you know the main reason why?”

Okay, let’s go over this again because you really aren’t getting it. The second Bernie Sanders announced he was running people like me thought 1) he isn’t getting the nomination and 2) his supporters have no clue. Why do you think I knew that? Why do you they had no clue? I knew because Bernie wasn’t a democrat — he never laid the ground rules. Hillary had the better ground game because she ran for president before. You guys are hilarious though. Do I remember the fucking debates? OF COURSE I DO! By then you had all accused HIllary of everything from being a whore to being a liar — CHANTING “she’s a liar” at a rally. Chanting that! The level of discourse had never sunk so low in all of the years I’ve been watching elections. I have so much anger around this topic it is a HUGE waste of my time to discuss it YET AGAIN with one of you — it’s like being trapped in a mind warp with people who insist the earth is flat. The reality: Bernie’s team didn’t know what they were doing. New York? Registration of voters? The south? He had no fucking clue. And you all acted like, because the GOP was puffing up Bernie to weaken Hillary, that he was the second coming of Christ himself. At some point for you guys it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. You were going to take down Hillary no matter what. That was your revolution. That was it. And even NOW you can’t let go. You can’t even acknowledge what you’ve done. Well, someday you will look at this with clear eyes once you understand how politics ACTUALLY WORKS and you will know my frustration. I just wanted a fucking VETO vote. That’s it. Now because of you people we don’t even have that. We’ve lost things that will take 20 years to get back. Thanks to your wounded pride for your fallen icon. Give me a break.

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