Do you realize that you referred to her as Obama’s “chosen successor,” implied that she was that…
Karamy Renfrow

I think you have to be completely out of it or in denial if you did not think she was his successor. This is not rocket science here. Does that bother me? No. Did I think he made the right choice? Absolutely. Would I have respected his choice either way? You’re DAMN RIGHT. Did anything matter to me except winning the election? NO. You people actually make me physically ill that you are making this about Bernie or about purity or about whatevr Aaron Sorkin ideals you have floating around in your head. This is not a game here. This isn’t about Bernie’s ego. This was about the future of the environment, human rights, civil rights, women’s rights. The fact that you guys are so small minded about this is one reason why you can’t be trusted to lead. It’s really as simple as that to me.