Hillary was a HORRIBLE candidate.
Chuck Finley

Oh really? She has the biggest popular vote margin in recent history, actually maybe ever. She didn’t appeal to white dudes like you. It’s cool. You have the power. For now. But we’re coming for you. And p.s. Mondale was a horrible candidate. Even Kerry and Dukakis. But you still show up. You still vote. You don’t whine like a little crybaby at teh convention and act like dumbass when the supreme court is at stake. I don’t think she was a bad candidate but even if she was I could not give a flying fuck. We needed to win, period. She was getting the nomination, period. Therefore anyone with a brain would ahve supported her. Unfortunately for us we have a lot of people out there who do not understand politics is chess. It isn’t personal expression of identity. It’s a chess move. You guys can’t be trusted to lead because you don’t get this basic concept. So you will always lose too. She lost because of Bernie, because of his supporters, because that fracture became way too easy to exploit BY Putin, by the GOP. You were played. And played badly. Nixon 101. Look into it.