Sorry Gavin Polone, I Can’t Waste Time Worrying About What Another Privileged White Man Thinks About the Election

Oh boy. This election is truly bringing out the ugly Americans, isn’t it? On both sides. There is one thing that seems to unite the liberals and the conservatives and that is hatred of women by insecure white men. On the left, they’re educated whites and on the right, they’re uneducated whites. Yes, there are some anti-Hillary people who are women and some who aren’t white but let’s face it, most of them have nothing to lose and thus, they don’t care.

Gavin Polone steps outside of his role as Hollywood producer (rich white guy to those in the cheap seats) to expound on why he won’t be pressured into voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump because neither are to his liking. Imagine him at, say, the Polo Lounge choosing which meal he’d like to order and there’s nothing on the menu that suits him. He’s probably not going to care about causing the waiter or waitress any anxiety — certainly not the chef nor the busboy. His needs are all that matter. He decides to make a formal complaint: “THERE IS NOTHING HERE THAT I WANT. That one makes me feel bloated. That one has sugar. That one isn’t gluten free. That one has too many carbs. That one has too much salt. That one isn’t sustainably raised. That one — well, I just don’t like that one. I’m not just going to leave this restaurant and find another, though. I’m going to write something as big and splashy as I can to let all the other customers (eating at the Polo Lounge, mind you) that THERE IS NOTHING HERE GAVIN Polone WANTS.”

Now, maybe he can rally other entitled people with way too much money, way too much privilege, and way too much time on their hands to do the same. Maybe together they can put the Polo Lounge out of business. Maybe they can terminate all of the staff because NOTHING MATTERS HERE EXCEPT WHAT GAVIN POLONE WANTS! AND WHAT GAVIN POLONE WANTS, GAVIN POLONE USUALLY GETS. Why? Because Gavin Polone, my friends, sits high atop the food chain and you reading this likely do not.

You can read all of the reasons here why Gavin Polone is clutching his pearls and losing sleep at night because of the thought of walking into a polling booth and checking off Hillary’s name. You see, it would go against his morality to do so. Yeah, no shit white dude. Got that. Get it five million times a day on television, on the internet, every time I walk down the fucking street. Every time I pay for a movie. I get it every year I cover the Oscar race. I get it that white males are at the top of the pile and have been since they came to America and slaughtered everything not nailed down and enslaved millions to build a country for themselves. Got it. Thanks! Really helpful.

In addition to preserving his morality, Polone must also play the victim. “You cant SHAME ME! He proclaims. Your massive vagina floating towards me in the distance can’t SHAME ME into VOTING FOR HER! I have rights! I have all of the rights! DO NOT FACESIT ON ME WITH YOUR INSISTENT FEMALE PRESIDENT VAGINA! I AM A FREE WHITE MAN AND I AM THE VICTIM HERE!”

Before you start ranting, know that I’ve heard over and over how voting for a third-party candidate is “the same as voting for Trump” and how this election is “too important” and how I need to think about the future nominations to the Supreme Court. Even considering those rationalizations, I still see no lasting value in the expediency of supporting a bad person for president: Yes, to me, both Trump and Clinton are bad people. I say they are bad not because of what they propose to do but rather because of the things they have done and what those things say about them as human beings.

Sorry, too late. Gonna start ranting.

Here is what Gavin Polone is saying he does not care about by not voting for the Democrats this year:

1) Putting a moderate/left-leaning justice on the Supreme Court to replace arch-conservative Antonin Scalia and whomever else retires over the next 4 years. Oh, who cares, right? Thirty, forty more years impacted by that reckless decision that might reverse Roe V. Wade, Obamacare, federal rights for LGBT persons to marry, religious freedom! None of that matters because GAVIN Polone DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANY OF THOSE THINGS.

2) The environment. We already know we’re about 100 years too late in turning around this whole environment/fossil fuel thing. We know that we had a shot in 2000 to elect a Democrat who would have made environmental concerns his top priority. We could have been working on that for the past 16 years instead of blowing $4 trillion looking for imaginary weapons of mass destruction. Instead, out creep the purists who said that a vote for Gore was just like a vote for Bush! In a very close election, Gore lost, Bush won. Or the Supreme Court (remember that thing about how important they were?) appointed him with just over 500 votes. Bush, who was probably the worst of the worst in terms of the environment since Big Oil has always been the name of the game with the Bush and Cheney families, not to mention starting catastrophic wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that ruined millions of lives and wasted trillions of dollars that could have been spent saving the planet instead of further destroying it. Not to mention the global financial meltdown of 2008. But hey, GUYS LIKE GAVIN Polone MATTER MORE! Their NEEDS MATTER MORE! With the extinction rate now 1000 times the normal rate, with whole species dying off right and left, with the potential for hundreds of millions of refugees not to have water or habitable land taking to the oceans to survive in the next 20 or 30 years, with fossil fuels themselves running out in 50 years, with NO TIME TO FUCK AROUND BECAUSE WE ARE HEADED FOR THE WORST NATURAL CATASTROPHE OUR SPECIES HAS EVER SEEN — this is not time to fuck around by electing a guy who believes climate change is a “hoax.” Now, remember, a vote for Jill Stein IS A VOTE for Donald Trump. At least the Trump voters are honest about it. At least they aren’t cowards hiding behind so-called morality and conscience. They come right out and say: “We do not give a fuck about the environment.” You, Gavin Polone, do not either and you can’t pretend like you do. Jill Stein doesn’t. The Green Party doesn’t either or else they would work with Democrats — the only party that has a change to stop Trump — instead of trying to portray every candidate as “Evil” except for habitual election loser, Dr Jill.

3) The rights of Muslim American citizens not to die in fires. Yeah, that’s right. We have a candidate for President right now who thinks it’s okay to accuse a Gold Star family, a father of a Purple Heart veteran of being soft on immigration and hence, soft on terrorism. Why, because Trump has dehumanized Muslims in the eyes of his supporters. But Muslims and other immigrants don’t matter to Gavin Polone either, because, along with the environment and the Supreme Court, they CAN’T TOUCH THE MORALITY OF GAVIN Polone’S THINK PIECE. One of his doughy sweaty red-faced racist supporters wearing a “Down With Islam” t-shirt can be seen right now on a video at the New York Times. None of that matters though because GAVIN Polone WILL BE SAFE, no matter what. Imagine being the guy who in 1930s Germany happened to not be Jewish not giving a damn about what happens to the Jews because oh well. THAT is who Gavin Polone is today.

4) Preventing America from becoming a fascist state. Trump wants to build a wall to keep out immigrants whom he says are raping and killing American citizens. They are the people to fear! Not the dozens of upper middle class white American males who like to shoot school children and moviegoers with semi-automatic handguns. No, it’s the immigrants you have to worry about, specifically Mexican immigrants. Trump comes from an immigrant family himself, but they come from Germany (hence, white) so in his eyes they’re worth more. GAVIN Polone DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANY OF THIS.

5) In addition to not caring about the Supreme Court, the environment, immigrant families, Muslim Americans, and the White House in the hands of a fascist, Polone has no concern for what kind of urgent battles are being fought right now, what the stakes are in terms of history, and why electing Clinton as Obama’s successor means everything. He doesn’t get it — he’s a white male, he doesn’t have to. Electing a woman as president MEANS NOTHING to him and why should it? Look, if white men can slaughter Native Americans and enslave Africans and withhold the right to vote from women until the 1920s, trust me, it’s evidence that nobody is high on the white male priority list except for those trying to to cling to white male domination. Good luck with that. The demographics are only moving in one direction.

Polone lists accusations about Bill Clinton’s sexual history as the reason he doesn’t want to vote for Hillary. He accepts those stories, both born out of heightened right-wing partisan fighting — during a time when Linda Tripp strapped a hidden mic to record Monica Lewinsky crying about their affair so that Kenneth Starr, who could not get Clinton on Whitewater, could get him on perjury by asking him about the affair. If you lived through this era, you’ll remember how much and how hard the Republicans worked to try to bring down Bill Clinton. So it isn’t even Hillary herself that bothers Polone. No, it’s Polone’s unhappiness with the way he’s been told Hillary tried to mitigate the messes her husband was chronically accused of making. So it’s not even about Wall Street ties, It’s not even the speech fees or whatever else is thrown at Hillary 24/7. It’s just… her husband’s sexual straying from 3 decades ago. He would say it’s rape and it’s assault but he can’t prove that. Neither can prosecutors, obviously.

What’s funny about this, though? Polone himself was accused of sexual harassment. A judge ultimately ruled that there was insufficient proof (never mind what the victim said), but it’s toothpaste you can’t put back in the tube, isn’t it? From a Kim Masters story in The Hollywood Reporter:

The meltdown came in 1996. As Polone wrangled with his partners, spurning an offer to extend and enrich his contract, he was plotting to set up his own agency. “I wasn’t even that cagey about it,” he says. “They clearly needed to get rid of me. They just did it the wrong way.” The agency abruptly fired him, publicly citing concerns that his treatment of a female television agent who reported to him had been “inappropriate.” Polone claimed that he had been defamed and still says the implications were false. “I’m not saying I wasn’t difficult, but I did not sexually harass anybody and I do not believe that I was abusive by any standard,” he says.

Whom to believe? Boy, that’s a tough one. Could it be Polone is using this flimsy excuse to make it harder for women to complain about it? Assuming the awkward position of any feminist who accuses him of being a sexist in his thinking that Trump and Clinton are the same. “Oh, I know. I’ll make this about the sex,” he thinks, specifically the victims of Bill and Hillary — straight out of the Breitbart, Daily Caller playbook. Anyone who goes after him will be considered a rape apologist. It’s a workable strategy if you’re a pearl-clutching puritan. Not so much if you’re a rather shady Hollywood producer with a questionable past of alleged harassment yourself. Glass houses and all of that. Polone, a libertarian, has plenty of other reasonshe could cite. Israel, for one. But he goes right to sex. Funny. He was a Ron Paul supporter (good lord) and now is probably a Gary Johnson supporter — fine, who gives a shit. I don’t.

The bottom line is this: if you don’t want to vote for Hillary because you think her husband assaulted and raped women like Bill Cosby (a lot of people do think this), then don’t vote for her. But if you have any decency whatsoever, you would not, in yet another close election, write a self-serving “declaration of independence” in The Hollywood Reporter trying to convince other weak-minded Berners to follow suit. The very least you could do if you’re determined to pull the wrong lever is keep your fishy reasons to yourself. Even that, though, is beyond the capability of Polone.

We can’t shame you, Mr. Polone, that’s true. No one can shame you. That is also clear. We just wonder how you sleep at night. Since none of the consequences the rest of the country will suffer will ever matter to you, our guess is that you sleep just fine.

If you read up on who Polone is, you will discover he is a man who does whatever the fuck he wants, whenever the fuck he wants.

But Polone seems to be thriving. At this point, he says, directing seems fun — he enjoys “the process of visualizing the film” — but if he can’t get his arms around it, he says he’ll do something else. “All my eggs aren’t in one basket,” he says. “Every day I have something to do that I like doing.”

Go do that, Palone. Enjoy your lucky life. Leave it to the rest of us to care about the rest of the world.