Dear Tom Perez:
Val Perry

The democrats are basically repeating the 1968–1972 election cycle. After Humphrey was the nominee, the ultra left pitched a fit and eventually got the party to move more to the left for 2020 to choose McGovern. He lost in one of the biggest landslides in history (and why we have superdelegates), as are ALL of the candidates Bernie is backing. That revolution? It ain’t happening. Even if he’s “popular” that doesn’t mean people are going to vote for him or those he’s backed because that means — — raising taxes. Anyway, after 1972 it took a really long time for democrats to gain any sort of power after the massive fracture after 1969 and 1972. Watergate put Carter in power for one pitiful term (great man, easily destroyed) and then it was Reagan for three terms, with HW. I’m so sick of it all. So sick of them saying we are the problem. So sick of them taking their talking points from the GOP. So sick of Bernie sucking up to Trump voters. So sick of his massive ego. Thanks for writing this. THANK YOU!

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