The Democrats Can’t Win in 2020 Unless They Unite. They Can’t Unite Until They Agree on the Reasons They Lost.

Democrats and Berniecrats hate each other. It’s like the worst divorce you could ever imagine and a custody battle is about to ensue. At issue, nothing less than the future of the Democratic Party, the soul of America and the future of all living things on the planet Earth.

At this point, we on the left can’t seem to agree on anything. The Berniecrats claim Bernie would have won, and Hillary’s side think Hillary would have won if she didn’t have to fight off Bernie and his sore loser brigade on her left flank. If both sides of this argument could just concede that neither candidate could have won because Donald Trump was unstoppable we might be better able to unite to fight him, and fight we must. As it stands now, though, we appear to be crippled beyond repair.

Republicans have held all power in Congress for many years, even while Obama was president, and have now consolidated that power on the executive level and have three branches of government. These are terrifying times for a number of reasons but that alone should be enough. But as we saw, as we begged and screamed and pleaded with the Bern-outs to help, they did not help. Many of them did as Bernie asked, held their noses and voted for Hillary but by the end their mass hysteria reached a fever pitch and no one could convince them that Hillary was a human let alone their best option going forward.

Think about how they, the losing team, got all up in it to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic — Cornel West slashing his ink pen through the party platform just to appease a group of angry Bernie supporters. Well, that turned out to be a huge waste of time and only made Hillary and Co. weakened in the eyes of the voting public. And it’s about to happen all over again because the democratic party has no choice. People like me will be disgusted to have to watch it all over again, rinse repeat, rinse repeat but what other choice do we have?

We were outsmarted by Trump and his crew of vultures who manipulated us, divided us, copied what was working, exploited what wasn’t, and stole the election.

What was that strategy?

1) Roll back the voting rights act. “The Supreme Court ruled over the summer that new North Carolina voting rules targeted black Americans with ‘almost surgical precision.’ A preliminary report from the nonpartisan Election Protection Coalition said voters faced numerous obstacles on Tuesday, including incorrect enforcement of voter ID laws. The group said it logged 35,000 complaints from round the country for alleged voter intimidation, long lines and other problems.”

2) Divide and conquer: Pose as bogus Bernie Sanders supporters to inflame, bait, and manipulate a very gullible, vulnerable group of starry-eyed idealists. Karl Rove started it early, thinking, probably, that Jeb Bush was going to be the nominee. But the brutal tactics caught on like wildfire. Turns out, many casual Democrats are as easily manipulated as low-info Republicans. So the plan was to overtly bait the most gullible liberals by constantly hammering insinuations about how Hillary Clinton was hurting them, going so far as to wear shirts that said “Bernie Bro” (as if any of true Bernie loyalist ever would) and march in protest. If you saw a guy walking around the convention in Philly calling Hillary a criminal and chanting,“Lock her up!” wearing a t-shirt that said “Bernie Bro” on it? Chances are that wasn’t even a Bernie supporter. But it didn’t matter because the Berners were desperate to have their illusions confirmed, so they eagerly joined in on the fun.

3) Focus on a handful of the most vulnerable states to inflame hatred against Hillary Clinton. They targeted working class communities, states supposedly gutted by NAFTA and free trade, and adopted Bernie Sanders’ bumper-sticker message of “corruption.” This is how they stranded Hillary without any ground to stand on — knowing that she wouldn’t campaign against the free trade programs her husband had helped initiate (even though many were designed by Daddy Bush and in spite of the fact that millions of the manufacturing jobs in the Midwest had not been lost to corporate exodus at all, but instead to automation).

On top of all the this: the coup de grâce (and yes, I know precisely what I’m invoking with the word coup). It’s crystal clear that Vladimir Putin was determined to do grave damage to Hillary Clinton. That much is obvious to anyone who’s not willfully trying to play dumb. At first, the way this grudge match was reported by our media seemed ridiculously petty — vague murmurs that Hillary had offended the Russian president, or somehow belittled him. So Putin would now have his revenge.

No surprise, the real motive is all about power and money. After Putin’s aggression and interference in Ukraine, President Obama imposed sanctions that would prevent the Russian oligarchs from cutting deals with global oil conglomerates to drill the Russian arctic. One of these blocked deals with Exxon was alone worth $500 billion. Together, the bulk of the fortune at stake is estimated to be $1.5 trillion. Putin needed Hillary out of the way to get those sanctions lifted. Rest assured, with that much money up for grabs, Putin would have dealt with Obama or Biden or Bernie the same way he dealt with Hillary. Didn’t matter to him which Democrat he had to destroy, as long as Putin could put a weakling in the White House who would roll over and give him everything he wanted.

Already rumored by some to be the wealthiest individual on the planet, Putin now stands to double or triple his $200 billion net worth. He already has all the power he can possibly need in Moscow. Now he wants to extend his tentacles to Washington and Wall Street.

What we all should fear is what Putin stands for, what Assange stands for, what the bullying, misogynists controlling too much of the Bernie Sanders movement stand for, and of course, what Trump and the homegrown oligarchs and cronies he’s staffed his cabinet with truly stand for: reinforcement of white power, specifically, white male power. Who knew the first black president would freak out the left as much as it did the right.

What Trump tapped into and what Bernie tapped into was the dangerous combination of self-pity and entitlement embodied deep in the white American male psyche, working class or otherwise, in the wake of the first black president and the tsunami of political correctness that came with him — America was becoming too much a nation that cared for everybody because that’s who Obama is. Women, immigrants, Muslims — Obama cared, so his coalition cared. Not so with Trump.

Bernie’s intentions are good, of course. He knows these are the people driving the extreme right-wing wave and wants, perhaps, to draw the swayable to him. But if they already have Trump, why do they need Bernie? They have their anti-establishment candidate — without fear of having to pay for free college for immigrants and terrorists.

There is a dangerous current of white nationalist supremacy on the rise in America — across Europe as well — and it must be urgently addressed by all of us on the left. We must become the resistance and we must find a way to fight together. There is nothing more that the Republicans want than to keep the Democrats as divided as they are right now. We have no power. We have nothing.

Can we just call a truce? We’ll stop crapping on Bernie and his supporters if they stop saying STUPID SHIT like “Bernie would have won.” No, no he would not have. He blew the South. No democrat since the Civil Rights movement has ever won the election without winning the crucial black southern vote. He lost by a massive margin and if he could not win the nomination how the hell could he have win the election? This is like me saying Gone Girl would have won Best Picture had it been nominated. No, people. Just no. STOP. If you stop, we’ll stop.

At this point, it is 1968 all over again. Hubert Humphrey, the guy the far left did not want, lost by a tiny margin to Richard Nixon. Divided Democrats couldn’t do much about that but when George McGovern came along, the far left at last seized their opportunity and ran a candidate whose ideology they believed in. This is a guy Susan Sarandon would have supported (she actually might have). Democrats in 1972 ignored what most American voters were concerned about and are still worried about now: the economy, protection against enemies, lower taxes. They ran McGovern and he lost every state except Massachusetts. It was then and only then that Democrats were brought to their knees, became united in common cause and learned to compromise within their own ranks. It would prove to be a lesson we all have to wait patiently for others to learn, decade after decade, generation after generation, election after election. With no end in sight.

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