i wish the Dems had fielded a candidate that could have one, that’s what i wish.
Mark Burnell

They picked a good contender, she got 4 million more votes than Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders acted like a crybaby and accused it of being rigged when he LOST THE SOUTH and the minority vote and the democratic coalition. All people like YOU can do is continue to be crybabies and not face the reality that people LIKED HER. You and Bernie did everything to destroy her and the democrats — you don’t run a campaign against the democrats who are already in power. Here, I made a video about how it went down. You can watch it. We could see it coming from a mile away. Why do you suppose Obama and Harry Reid had to meet with Bernie Sanders? They KNEW what he was doing was destructive and that he’d trained his zombie followers to act like spoiled brats and not work for the common good. He did that. Bernie did that. He owes the President an apology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD6U1gnrCzw