Are you seriously not going to counter those points?
Eye Wonder

Well, for starters, they aren’t points. They are propaganda. But okay, since you asked nicely — I’ll go through them as best I can.

  1. Bernie Sanders said to his wife “don’t stand next to me.” His main complaints against the DNC have involved women. His treatment of Hillary Clinton reveals a double standard typically associated with sexists, from not listening to a word she said during the debates — signaling “check please” or rolling his eyes or interrupting, even shouting “EXCUSE ME!” He blames her 100% for the Iraq war even though John Edwards and Joe Biden also voted yes. I have never seen any example where he treated her with the respect she deserves a two term senator and former secretary of state — he would not have treated any other opponent so disrespectfully. Yes, sexist.
  2. Bernie Sanders was a yes vote in congress for 30 years. His main contribution was shouting and yelling and making other people look stupid. But every politician lives off the good graces of tax payers, good ones or bad ones. Bernie just did less than Hillary did.
  3. The attacks on the Clintons began when they first took the White House. Hillary has said (though I’m not surprised this commenter has not bothered to listen to her) that republicans attack her in public but have always worked with her during her years in the senate — there are multiple sources for this, from NPR to the Wall Street Journal. Hillary has a reputation for someone who always does her homework and works very hard to put things through, crossing the aisle in many cases. Bernie doesn’t seem to care one way or the other if he can work with others. In fact, his prime motivator is exactly the opposite: being obstinent and blocking progress in every regard because it doesn’t meet his purity standards. Would make a terrible president because of that. All of the things republicans falsely accused Obama of are actually true of Bernie. He IS a socialist (save me the patronizing lecture about democratic socialism) and he DOES NOT work with anyone who doesn’t meet his purity standards. But he is a reliable yes vote — just not a sufficient or effective leader.
  4. For a Bernie supporter to call Hillary’s attempts at getting universal healthcare passed “an embarrassing failure” is such dumb observation it is itself a reason not to bother answering any of her “questions” or “points” as you call them. If she fails to understand what those intentions were, why they were blocked, and why it’s been so hard for Obama to pass any health legislation shows such a profound lack of understanding of our government, our history and our politics that I am at a loss at how to respond to that in any way except to laugh. Well, I would laugh if I wasn’t crying.
  5. You expect me actually reasonably respond to this, when it sounds straight out of the GOP playbook? I mean, really. You guys have been spoonfed GOP talking points and you don’t even realize it. Maybe you do realize it and you don’t care. But you are the problem. You are always going to be the problem. Stupid people will always be the problem.
  6. Well, that’s because this person apparently does not know how to use google or do actual research. You can find out the answers to this but like so many Bernie supporters you just want something for nothing. You want me to do all of the grunt work while you sit there and tap out your nonsense. It’s truly horrifying. Hey, I know, how about you put that brilliant internet to good use. LOOK IT UP!!
  7. “Are you high” — is a dead giveaway the kind of person I”m talking to. If I hadn’t given up by the first question, I would have given up here. But okay — that ad was a super-pac by Clinton, not Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders, on the day when Hillary Clinton made one of the most important speeches anyone has given all year, attacked her and helped Donald Trump. He has been repeatedly accusing her of being not qualified to lead, questions her judgment and now — in a sad last desperate attempt to win — her emails! It’s a total and complete collapse of character.
  8. Bernie has pointed out Hillary’s yes vote — and if he only stuck with that, as she is doing by appropriately pointing out Bernie’s enduring blow job to the gun industry, he would be sticking to facts. But he has attacked her personally by saying she is not qualified, by rolling his eyes, by constantly playing the victim and accusing her and others of “cheating” when in fact he dropped the ball. He fucking blew it. That’s on him.
  9. Skipping this — it’s not a question, just yet more dumb fuckery.
  10. Emails, really? I’m done. So done. My first answer was the right one. Zzzz.
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