Computer games and children: what are their advantages?

2 min readMay 3


Every parent decides for himself how to bring up his child, what to allow and prohibit him. One of the most controversial issues is video games. Some believe that they are strictly prohibited for children. And under no circumstances should be allowed to play.

Another part is sure that with the right approach, games can have many benefits. In their opinion, children learn skills, better absorb information, and learn to communicate with others. And this is objective truth. Numerous studies have confirmed that video games can be very beneficial to children. But only if the gameplay is limited in time, and the games do not contain excessive violence and scary scenes. After all, there are some genres of video games that are totally unsuitable for children’s delicate and unstable psyche.

The main advantages

Let’s talk about what benefits children have the opportunity to play computer games properly selected with dosed time spent in front of the monitor. There are several reasons to allow kids to play video games, with which it is difficult to disagree.

These factors can be divided into two broad categories:

  • development and communication;
  • physical and social benefits.

We will consider each category separately.

Developmental and communication benefits

By choosing certain games, they can begin to provide benefits in early childhood. And continue to provide benefits as they grow up. By changing the games, you can encourage your child to develop, learn to communicate with other children and adults.

In this category, the main benefits will be the following:

  • developing reading skills for young children;
  • improving memory;
  • development of brain speed;
  • concentration on processes and tasks;
  • improving multitasking skills;
  • gaining skills that will help in future jobs.

To achieve these results, it is necessary to allow children to play single-player and multiplayer games. Very well help in the development of online games. But here it is important to control the actions of other players, so that communication and correspondence with them does not harm the child.

Physical and social development

Here, too, it is important to highlight a few important benefits that a child can get with the help of video games:

  • group multiplayer games to develop a child’s socialization;
  • the ability to work in a team and perform common tasks;
  • an increase in confidence in oneself, one’s strengths and abilities;
  • increased activity through special games that require physical strength and agility;
  • development of attentiveness;
  • a safe environment for self-expression and dealing with fears;
  • a new perspective on history;
  • a convenient tool for visual perception of useful information.

Computer games are much more than changing images on a screen. It is a multifunctional source of benefit that just needs to be learned how to use properly.