Someone farted

Suggestive darkness. The same darkness that marks the entrance of natural darkness. I am in a room. Bluish hue, blunt edges and sober silence welcoming me peacefully. We had lost electricity. I knew I was transcending somewhere.

I ran my hands around my pockets. And I searched. Still searching. I knew I had misplaced it again. Before anything let me brief some things about me. I tend to misplace things a lot. I laugh at certain jokes. When I get amused I literally dance. And oh! I am bathroom singer also.

We were two people and something smelt bad. The old guy shouted “shit ! What the heck. Uncivilized rats”. And he kept murmuring. I initially didn’t react. I just closed my nose. He kept murmuring “I hate it!”(with scorn) . He was pretty clear when he said why don’t you look at me? I slowly shut my eyes.

I did not want to talk to him. I knew he was going to lecture me. One day, last month, when I was sleeping on a rug, Grand father entered and went away immediately. I was in half-sleep. I woke up and bent to look at the door. He bent back and looked towards me sheepishly. He asked are you awake. I said yes grandpa. He said son what is this smell. I said I don’t know and he said see I know it happens sometimes mostly in sleep that one is unaware of when one farts. So its ok. He smiled and said “go and have some water!!! ”then followed a sluggish giggle.

This old guy was wearing a golden watch and I could see his radium bright footwear. Probably a health freak. But we are not allowed to wear shoes inside the room. So he must be in slippers the once which the faculty of the library wear. A cool blue sweat ran down my throat. Will he identify me?

I recently joined this library and I had this huge reputation of a young smart guy from an international MNC. And also I had made friends with a beautiful faculty. I had paid a huge membership amount yesterday. And if she finds me dirty. I decided to let go of the registration money. I said to myself I won’t come here again wed . I could not bear the voice this old man. He shouted and I clenched my fist tighter.For a moment I looked at the exit door which was feebly visible in the darkness. I calculated the number of steps I would have to cover. I then said to myself that within the count of 5 if he says something then I would hit him and run.

1.. 2.. 3… 4. . .thud!! suddenly the door slammed and a lanky 16 year old guy ran out the exit door. The old man shouted “stupid boy!! (yelled towards the exit door). “Now he is going complain his mother that father shouted again”, muttered the old man.

The electricity came back. He gave a sheepish looked at me and went away…Tada!!