I rarely shop online from Petco, but my local store didn’t have food for my cats, so I have no choice. Last time I was ordering something from them — price somehow got higher after I clicked Place my order and suddenly item was removed from the sale shortly afterwards, so I can’t seem to find the receipt. So, today I decided to order some cat food and logged in to petco.com.

I don’t want to say, that their site is slow. It crawling slow. But I managed to select what I need, add to cart and hit checkout. I was asked to enter my email and password and was presented with the screen where Petco wants me to change password. Why? Don’t know — they just told me to change password. So I generated new one with 1Password and clicked Save button. Here is what I’ve got as an error message:

Uh? Current password field? Where is it? I refreshed page couple times and… Nothing. So, let’s view the code of the page, may be it’s my browser (Chrome and Safari on macOS). Nope, it’s not them. It’s because PETCO HTML mockups doesn’t have current password field.

They don’t have field, but the field is required.

I know thing or two on how to edit html and I got my field back, but it doesn’t work either.

Next time I tried — it was different error message, but still didn’t let me to change password.

Will I shop Petco after this? Nope. Do better QA.

UPDATE 20 minutes later:

So, I figured out how to get in, so I could place an order. In different browser (or private mode) go to petco.com, ask to reset password. Then couple minutes later, when you get an email from them, open link you received in the same window, otherwise it won’t work and you’ll need yet another browser. Reset password and then you will able to login and place an order properly.

I hope, QA team at Petco will read this and will fix this mess. And, while here, why do you log me out from another location? Can’t I have more than one computer on which I shop? That is ridiculous!