Transcribe, Translate, Polly to convert audio to a different user-specific language by coordinating AI Services & Orchestrating them with Step Functions


  1. Upload audio file to S3 Bucket
  2. Trigger AI Pipeline
  3. Convert Audio file to audio-specific language text
  4. Wait for Transcription Job Completion
  5. Parallel State Step Functions for convert audio-specific language text to use specific language in text
  6. Parallel State Step Functions for Identifying the sentiment of the audio
  7. Convert user-specific language text to user-specific audio file
  8. Lambda’s Orchestration by using Step Functions
  9. IAM Roles used for Lambda’s & Step Functions
  10. Output audio file in a user-specific language

Detailed Architecture Flow

  1. Upload an audio file to S3 Bucket → User or an application uploads an audio file to an input S3 bucket
Amazon States Language for Step Functions Orchestration



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Sasi Akki

Sasi Akki


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