Is there a God?
Ananda Sangeetam

The need for Personal God comes from intense conditioning that happens in childhood. When we teach children religion instead of scientific temper, personal God becomes a psychological necessity for survival. Also, a personal God is needed for the arrogant mankind. Mankind which loathes in self-aggrandisement thinks that it is very important in the universe and therefore out of this need to satisfy the ego words like ‘soul’ and ‘God’ (I meant the personal God) are generated. Afterall, you need God to justify your existence.

I am reminded of what Javed Akhtar and Neil Degrasse Tyson say in this regard. First JA for the psychological need and social conditioning: If you break the legs(weaken) of a child, he or she cannot walk without the support of a cane when (s)he grows up. Now, NDT with respect to God: Mankind had reserved the word God as a sum total of all those things it couldn’t explain. As science progresses, the number of the things we can explain without invoking God keeps increasing and the size of the God(not the personal God) keeps decreasing.

Quotes are not verbatim. Apologies for the same.