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If you want to use git in your local PC and it’s a bit hard to “pull” and “push” you can simplify that using adding public ssh key to your GitHub account.

To start first go to your PC, .ssh folder. It’s in “C:\Users\<Your Profile>\.ssh”

“C” may change with your OS installed partition. To see the “.ssh” folder you need to tick view hidden files.

If you already have “id_rsa” and “” files in the “.ssh” folder skip the next part. However, if you want to create a new SSH key for git do not skip.

Generate SSH key

  1. Open…

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In this article, I will go through an easy way to handle the CORS issue when the angular app runs on the localhost.

First, we have to create a new angular project using Angular-CLI.

ng new test

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Triggering lambda when adding a new record or updating record of DynamoDb is a very easy task. I’ll go through the steps of creating a trigger.

Step 01 — Creating DynamoDb Table

Step 02 — Creating a Lambda function

Step 01

First login to your AWS console and go to DynamoDb console.

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In this blog I’ll go through the key points of uploading image or file to S3 bucket using Angular front end and node.js back end.

Follow the steps and you will get good idea how to upload video to S3 bucket.

Step 1

Start new angular project to design your front end side. For that I have wrote a blog about How to start Angular project. Refer that if you need any help or go to Angular quick start.

Step 2

In this step we will setup our basic web page that we need to simply test our task. Copy…

This article is a guide to start on how to start your first Angular Application. Point of writing a article about how to get start on Angular is I can direct viewers of my other articles to this if I need to explain how to get start on Angular Application.

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Okay, lets get start…

Before we start with angular need Node.js installed on our PC. for that follow the link to download. You can download Node.js according to your PC’s Operating System ( Windows/ Linux/ macOS or 32 bit/ 64 bit).

After installing Node.js open any terminal and type “node…

Web API’s are widely used data transferring method for connecting front-end(client) and the back-end(server). When we think about creating a web API using .NET it’s not more than creating a controller in C#.NET MVC controller. Most of the features are showing some relation to each other.

Similarities between Web API Controller and MVC Controller:-

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Similarities between MVC Controller and Web API controller

What is web API

When we describe web API first we have to know what is API means. Application Programming Interface (API). In a computer program like windows application API is defined as definitions of processes and protocols that need to build and run the program…

ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core is a very powerful tool that we can use to handle data. In here I’ll describe how to make a small school management web application using ASP.NET Core MVC and Entity Framework Core.

For this I’m using Visual Studio 2017 with ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC, Entity Framework Core 2.0 and MS SQL Express 2016.

First start Visual Studio 2017 and select “File->New->Project...”.

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Starting a new project in Visual Studio 2017

Menu that is going to open when you click “Project…” will show the different types of projects we can create using Visual Studio IDE. Most of Visual Studio contains Visual C#. Other…

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