Wild thing, you make my heart sing.

We are still very much at the beginning of this adventure, and so far, so good. I’m also on day 12 of a 30 day yoga challenge, so focusing on my mental and physical self added to connecting to nature feels fantastic. I can’t recommend enough trying some yoga to fit in with your 30 Days Wild Challenge, even if it’s just 15/20 minutes a day, as it really compliments the peacefulness that we can find through nature.

Saturday (day 4), I decided to attempt my own little biosphere. I read a great article about a man who created one himself as an experiment, watering it only once, 40 years or so ago. You can read about it here. I thought it was a great idea, so using a small jar (admittedly, it’s not quite big enough…) I added some cactus soil and some tiny little plants that I found growing in the soil of my jasmine plant. I didn’t follow any instructions, just set it up, added a drenching of water, sealed the lid tightly, and placed it near a window. It could completely fail, or it could be fantastic, but that’s the beauty with experiments! You never know which way it’s going to go…

Yesterday (day 5) I spent some more time on Penguin Watch in the morning, went for a brisk walk through the park, and did a little ‘window gardening’. All in all, a peaceful day. I’ve also found myself singing a lot more often (something I’m sure my father will be very pleased to hear), and is something I’ve been meaning to focus more energy on. I can feel the child in me coming out again, the innocence and wonder that I once had. I used to marvel at the world all day long, and even though I always have, it’s coming back even more now. Funny how nature and focusing on your inner-self can make such a prominent change.

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