I dream of mornings

I dream of mornings.

Everything new
before the day

I dream of sunlight
reflecting on green leaves,
shadows dancing over half-open eyelids.

I dream of these kind of mornings.
One lazy hour
of tangled limbs
and collarbone kisses.
Another hour of coffee
and sitting
and breathing
before we have a chance
to become human doings,
we use the mornings
to relax and pause 
as human beings.

It doesn’t matter
the country
or language
or time zone.
the bed doesn’t matter much either.

I always dream of mornings.

Do you ever wish you could begin again?
Do it every morning!
Day dream for a while.
Slowly stand
and examine your tired face in the mirror.
Marks from twisted sheets
still imprinted on your cheekbones.
Hair beautiful
from the twisting and turning.
The love making 
of the night before
and the morning after
has left you warm 
and radiant.
Ready to begin again.

Do it now
before the day,
before the world
works its way into
the crevices of your mind,
the thin tubes of your veins,
the small cracks of your tired soul.

I dream of that first moment 
when I decide 
to breathe in the world.
Inhaling the sweetness
of the plum and olive trees,
the rosemary bushes,
and the satisfying familiarity 
of your morning skin.

“How to be free,” you ask,
“of all the weight 
that this world bears on me?”

Dream of the morning 
and then take your time,
make the morning last.
Float in the sunlight
and dance with the shadows.
Feel the skin of your lover.
Really feel it.
And please,
please don’t forget to breathe. 
Inhale the world
and with each exhale
let it all go.

Use your morning dreams 
to renew each moment.
Use each breath
to replace your old cells.
your old habits,
and your same old fears.

Mornings are for love.

In this modern world
where we organize our schedules
and compartmentalize our days,
make a note in your daily planner.
Feed the dog.
Hang the laundry
Schedule the meetings.
Wake up slow.
Love myself.
Love everyone else.

Even the ones who have always been hard to love.