My Daily Equinox

Maybe I am supposed to say something profound
about how the Fall equinox will lead to my burning and rising from the ashes.
A phoenix,
reborn and ready to face life with new eyes and wings and perspectives 
on this tragically beautiful world.

But what if my rebirthing is not reserved
only for equinoxes
or new moons
or solstices?
What if my reincarnations,
my resurrections,
happen every day as I raise tired eyelids 
and face this world with brave 
but delicate eyes?
Over and over again.
Morning after morning.

If you ask me,
real bravery does not take place on momentous occasions,
in great battles or wars,
or amidst life-altering choices and changes.
Real bravery lives within our daily motions,
our small moments of gratitude 
and forgiveness
that keep our eyes bright 
and our smiles shining 
every damn day.

is left foot, right foot
swinging off of messy morning beds
planted firmly on the cool morning floor,
as if to say,
“Maybe something hurts, 
my hips,
my back,
my tired heart.
Maybe last night, 
last week,
all of last year was painful and hard. 
No matter. 
Let’s do this as if today, 
this moment, 
these deep breaths in and out 
are all that matter.”

We are truly brave
when the reality of each moment 
is something we are willing to embrace
without excuses 
or defenses 
or distractions.


Ask yourself.
And burn
burn every day.
Do not wait for the seasons to change 
or for the shining white ball of the moon. 
Give yourself permission.
Blow away the ashes of yesterday.
Yawn and stretch and feel the parts of your body you have neglected for so long.
You are all there.

See what you can discover
when you stop hiding from yourself.