New York Love

New York has every kind of person, souls filled with all of the things I have ever known and everything I have yet to learn.

Bodies move through crowded summer streets and humid underground tunnels, making their way to destinations of mundanity, love, pain, distress and peace. Their eyes are filled with every kind of loneliness and all varieties of love. Platonic, romantic, forced, familial, tired, true, unconditional, routine and pure. Every kind of love you could imagine fills the bodies that fill these New York streets.

So if you actually stop to consider this, New York really is just one pulsing, rhythmic and vibrating love muscle that stretches and strengthens, exerts and pulls, pushes and relaxes just like the muscles of the human body that make our legs move, our breathing constant, and our mouths smile. This is the best way I can think of to describe the rush that happens while pausing to stand on 2nd avenue and breathe in the day. The same rush that happens while sitting on concrete steps in Brooklyn Heights while holding a warm cup of morning coffee and pressing it to tired lips, watching the buzz of New York humanity pass by.

This is the love rush, the kind that fills you up until your limbs are numb but then the tingling sensations arrives to your fingertips and toes, reminding you that you are indeed real, and that your body is alive and breathing in the midst of this incredible love muscle pulsing all around you. The love muscle pulses and the rushing never stops, no matter how hard it works or how few hours it gets to rest in the city that never sleeps. Because sleep brings us only one kind of rest. Love brings us everything else that we need. Without love, we would never really release and rest in the deepest places of our souls, and our bodies would never refuel with the necessary kind of energy that only places like New York City have to offer.

So I come to New York to sit on concrete stoops and breathe in the 2nd avenue air.

I come to New York to begin again and refuel my empty tank with the unique and pulsing New York kind of love.