The Way Love Grows

Common interests.
Physical attraction.
Intellectual stimulation.

There are many reasons 
why two humans 
choose to come together,
why two humans 
choose one another,
why two humans 
committ to building a life,
learning together
side by side.

Sometimes we use each other,
and steal another’s time,
and patience.

But in this life
most of us look for
that one person
who we can be honest with,
expose ourselves to,
reveal our deepest vulnerabilities,
and practice loving
in our most authentic ways.

We look for someone who
challenges us,
breaks us down,
but always helps to build us back up,
no matter how difficult yesterday was
or for how many hours we 
tossed and turned and cried
the night before.

Because this journey called life
is a difficult one.
A challenging path of
and sometimes pain.

Food, water, and shelter
will sustain our bodies
but our souls need 
and love.
Love without conditions
or restrictions.
Love that is watered
and cared for
like delicate plant
but tended to
and connected to
like a mother 
with her newborn child.

Because love does not
grow on trees,
on bushes,
or in gardens.
Love grows between people.
People who are brave enough
to dive into its murky waters,
blind but unafraid.
It is impossible to see what is on front of you,
to know what you might meet after sifting through the mud,
the romance,
the lust,
and the illusions.

Only those with the most authentic
kind of honesty and courage
are able to dive,
and keep swimming
until the silt begins to clear.

Until you can look into 
the eyes of your companion
and really see them.
Without the weight of your past
or the preoccupations of your future.

As you look into each other’s eyes
it might feel something like
seeing clearly for the first time.
You know in your heart
that perfection is an illusion.
It does not exist.
But you recognize the serenity,
the comfort,
and the home
that you have found
by each other’s sides.

Perfection might be an illusion
but the one your breathe next to each night
has curled their body around yours
in such a way
that you forget about
how it would feel to be perfect
and instead you focus 
on how it feels to be here.
Breathing next to the greatest kind of love,
the love you did not have to struggle for,
the love that had been waiting for you all along.
You have finally found each other.

There will always be more mud,
and challenges.
But swimming together
has always been much more fun
than swimming alone.