Jakarta’s ..moving in the right direction ?

Fighting the bureaucracy also leads to opportunity.There’s definitely red tape at times, and some of the co-workers might be a little jaded, but as we have the energy and optimism on our side, we can make a big difference. Change is slow and often gets derailed, but it does happen, and being the one to make it happen gets you noticed.It offers the chance to turn your local pride into tangible changes.

Jakarta”mini version of Indonesia,the central government & parliament,place for Judiciary and centres for economy business which leads to formed public policy. What transpires in Jakarta is considers to replicate in general what happening in Indonesia.

Bureaucracy should be approachable with people hand in hands with the present leader that serves the community. The expectation is high to see Jakarta as an an excellent public facilities, with a free zone of corruption as to achieve the role model of modern city development.

The open space parks, the adequate recreation and entertainment for their resident, and to make Jakarta a drug-free area that destroys productive generation.

Well..there is many things to be done or to maintain achieved policies that have worked well in the previous government.

Government should not be considered as entertainment. I wish broadcasting, political issues are handled seriously clean and informing media. So we are attentive to the politics of religion.