The Seven P’s for Writing with Ease for your Business

Saskia van de Riet
3 min readJul 17, 2022


Entrepreneurs always need written text: for their website, their proposals, their bio’s on social media platforms, newsletters, and online programmes, to name a few…

This can be a struggle, if text isn’t quite your cup of tea, whether you’re an image thinker or just far too busy serving clients, or perhaps if writing is the last thing you’d wish to do, to safe your life.

One illusion about writing is highly persistent: that it takes a lot of effort, time, and causes stress and costs a lot of energy. If this is what you experience, you are one of many. Yet, it truly doesn’t have to be that way: you could used the Cycle of the Seven P’s.

The cycle works for any type of text and my main examples focus on writing your book as an #entrepreneur. So, let me introduce you to the Seven P’s for Writing with Ease for your Business:

P1 — Preparing:
in its most comprehensive sense. Ranging from collecting and categorising suitable content for your book (blog, article, web page etc.) to jotting down questions your ideal readers have, relevant topics, ideas, quotations, useful links, and appropriate images.

P2 — Planning:
Sorting your list op topics, and dividing main topics from sub topics. Formulating writing questions for each sub topic and each paragraph.

P3 — Producing:
Writing your answers to your writing questions. Building the manuscript of your book (e-book, blog post), word for word, sentence for sentence, paragraph for paragraph.

P4 — Professionalising:
This starts as soon as the manuscript is ready for proofing and editing. Various choices are to be made about who proofs what, and who edits, and in how you wish your editor to edit. You may choose to do a smaller or larger part yourself, or outsource the whole hog to a professional editor.

P5 — Publishing:
Even when you don’t intend to publish a book, you can still publish your texts: on social media, your own blog, to you mailing list, and on your website. If you are writing a book, then research the many ways of publishing that is available to us these days. The choices are limitless: go for what suits you!

Do, however, realise that a traditional published does publish your book, yet doesn’t sell it for you. Make up your mind, and choose what serves you best.

P6 — Presenting:
Your book (e-book, blog) is a gift (a present) to the world: present it wherever you can. Speak about it, offer it to those who need it, sell it, sign it. create a connection with your readers. In short: present your present on a silver platter!

P7 — Participating:
Always, and I mean always, keep up the conversation with your readers. On social media, in real life, in your thoughts, and in everything your are writing. Ask your readers questions, thank them, and invite them to offer feedback, or freely give relevant information.

So, here we are: The Seven P’s for Writing with Ease for your Business!
Let me know which P struck a chord with you! What will you do differently in future?

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Saskia van de Riet

Writing coach and mentor for image thinkers and dyslexic thinkers ready to write their book for their business.