Assignment #2 for Jacks

Portrait in the shade of the middle of the day of my friend Lacey Mendius.

This was mid leap while dancing in my bedroom. The lighting source was from the window it was taken about three in the afternoon.

This was side lighting from a lamp, which was extremely dim, so barely visible.

This is with the lighting already existing in the room.

Broad day light middle of the day portrait.

Lacey shooting archery during the day.

Photo of books with light already in room.

Picture of leading lines. The lines in the photo lead to the book featured which is a William Shakespeare collection.

This photo is using the rule of thirds, but it is also using a shallow depth of field which was intentionally to showcase the details of the carousel.

Photos taken of books outside in a shady area.

Photo of night time archery using the light that was provided with the streetlight coming from behind.

Portrait of Lacey taken at sunset in Johnson Park in Collierville, TN.

This photo is a photo of a small jewelry box, I’m using shallow depth of field.

This is a photo with the a lamp for the lighting on the side. I came up from the bottom to get this angle.

This was an extremely difficult attempt at panning. It took a long time of taking photo after photo trying to get the blurring motion in the back.

All photos were taken with one of the following lenses: canon 50mm 1.8; canon 18–55mm 3.5–5.6; canon 10–18mm 4.5–5.6. The camera used was a Canon rebel t5i.

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