Becoming aware of your experience of life — Notes on Circling

Take a moment and answer this:

  • What are you noticing right now?
  • What are you noticing inside yourself?
  • What are you noticing inside the room you are in?
  • What are you noticing through your ears?
  • What are you noticing through your eyes?

When I ask you these things, where do you have to look to find out what are you noticing?

What you’ve just looked at is your experience of your life.

The idea behind circling

In your experience of life you will notice things about:

  • Yourself
  • Others
  • And the world

What is constant about our experience is that:

  • It’s changing all the time (moment to moment)
  • It’s always a personal experience (I have mine, you have yours)
  • It’s always happening right now (you are thinking or experiencing something right now)

Think about this for a moment. Your experience is always now and is changing. And I have to look to find out. Look for yourself. What are you seeing in your experience right now?

What you call life is a constant stream of sensations inside of you (images, sounds, smell, touch, feelings). It’s a messy stream going all over the place. Sometimes it’s what we want and other times it’s not.

Since you have been born, you have been one continuous, unbroken sensation, without partition, without a break. From birth to death, all the time.

How we are used to looking at our life

Our experience vs. how we think it should be.

What we call living usually, is trying to fit that messy continuous experience
into a little box that represents how things should be. And that’s impossible. And it’s tiring.

We’ve confused the map of the territory.

And this then creates stress, we become reactive, blaming or having a victim mindset that is even farther removing us from our experience.

In circling, how we listen is being with what is.
We go deep into our experience. 
We discover and share what is there, moment by moment.

Now what to do with all this?

We have the right to feel our experience. The corresponding responsibility is
sharing that experience.

Sharing our experience is part of our owning it.
People who we admire are courageous and it is the courage to share to you my experience. ANd that courage triggers others to do the same. And this creates the connection.

The more authentic my sharing is, the more present I am and to that degree, I
don’t know what will happen after I share. And here I can create in my mind what I want to get myself ready for — the best case scenario. 
And I deliver my message as if the best case scenario had already happened.

Giving people the truth of your own experience is one of the greatest things you can give. Doing that will open up the possibility for connection, the courage to express your experience will move others to do the same.

The original video

Circling institute — The Paradigm shift of Circling

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