Libertarian Party targeting University of Nevada, Reno, student votes in upcoming campaign seasons

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is the fastest growing political party in Nevada, and according to David Colborne, the Northern Regional Representative for the Libertarian Party of Nevada, we will see a lot more of the third party in the upcoming campaign seasons.

Starting the interview with Colborne, I was not clear on what Libertarianism actually means. As a freshman university student, I felt that I must not be the only person wondering what it is and why it matters. Now, if you are as clueless as I was, here is a brief overview of what it means to be a libertarian. Libertarianism is the party that promises less interference in your life, they wish for both fiscal and social freedom. Being curious as to what that meant to a Libertarian representative, I asked Colborne what he defines Libertarianism to be. His response was an urban dictionary like definition far from my expectations.

“Were one of those terrible people that want to take over the world and leave you alone, and all we ask is that everybody else supports us the same courtesy,” Colborne said.

Upon hearing his answer, I thought that with the millennial generation leaning more liberal on social freedoms, this is a great time for the Libertarian party to expand their horizons and gain support. On the University of Nevada, Reno, campus, it is obvious that the Republican and Democratic campaigns are targeting student voters. With the absence of a Libertarian party representative on campus, my own questions arose on how the Libertarian party is taking action with students. The question unveiled that the problem is not lack of effort, but rather lack of volunteers for the Libertarian party.

“Because we’re a third party, we don’t have the number of volunteers that the republicans and democrats can draw into a crowd, so we have to use what resources we have judiciously, and unfortunately until very recently we have not had a lot of resources that really knew how to get involved in the university,” Colborne said.

Fortunately for the Libertarian party, they are expanding their networks and contacts from the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) convention in Las Vegas to bring to the University of Nevada in the near future. The YAL is the largest, most active, and fastest-growing pro-liberty organization on America’s college campuses.

“What I’m hoping is that probably later toward the campaign season here and especially going Into 2018 that you will see a much more consistent presence from us,” said Colborne.

When asked on his thoughts of Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for the 2016 presidential election, Colborne felt excited for Johnson but also stated that the unfortunate reality for the third party candidate is that the election is ultimately his race to lose.

“Regarding his current campaign, I’m excited, looks like honestly I think he’s got the inside track to receive the liberty party nomination again going through this cycle,” Colborne said. “Let’s just say it’s his race to lose.”
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