Love is in the hair because, your hair that is healthy is beautiful and lovely. Here are a 4 tips to make your hair look healthy quickly:

  1. Trim your hair often
    Trims are crucial for healthier hair. Sun, pollution and ignorance kills your hair everyday! A basic hair trim with your existing style will do the magic.
  2. Color your hair
    How often do you hear ‘hey babe, you have white hair ?!’. Well, if you do, then it’s time to correct your color and look your age. If not for that, color them for fun!
  3. Deep Condition your hair
    Unhealthy hair lacks protein and to nourish it use potions, spas, oils or protein treatments at salons.
  4. Apply Hair Gloss
    Hair gloss looks gorgeous and you must apply it every time you are out for a party or a gala event.

These services can be availed at Sassy Studios near you, we are currently operating in 4 outlets

Powai, Chandivali, Malad West and Ghatkopar West.

Why Sassy Studios?

We promise you :

  1. Genuine products used
  2. Hygienic surroundings & sterilised equipment
  3. Trained stylists & aestheticians
  4. Affordable pricing

Call 7506750700 to book appointments or for queries.


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