Undercuts for girls? F*#k Yeah!

Undercuts are not just for guys, you know! If the Mohawk silhouette flatters you, you may simplify your hair styling routine with an undercut!

Undercuts are punk, stylish and most of all, sexy.

Types of undercut you should try:

  1. Faux Undercut
  2. Outgrown undercut
  3. Simple Mohawk
  4. Colored Undercut

If you are scared of trying out an undercut, start with Faux Undercut where you braid and set your lower hair and keep the temple hair fun and puffed up. You could also try assymteric downdos and use colored extensions to flatter your face.

Depending on how edgy you want to look, pick an undercut and go for it girl! #besassy #SassyIndia