Laravel inbuilt validation works great for email validation. But its functionality limits itself to checking format of given string.

A email validation system would be more effective if it can help check for following

Valid email IDs make all the difference when it comes to maintaining active user base for any web portal. So confirming an email validity takes importance during user registration.

Checking for valid email is pretty straightforward nowadays, Get user email and send a verification link to activate profile. We are…

Laravel 5.5 has been out for some time, Its bundled with the stable version of bootstrap v3. However bootstrap v4 has hit beta and should be stable enough to start any new development on v4.

Bootstrap 4 can be easily installed with following steps.

Step 1 — Remove existing bootstrap

Uninstall Bootstrap

npm uninstall --save-dev bootstrap-sass

Step 2 — Install Bootstrap 4

Sastha K L

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