EVO 2017 HIGHLIGHT: Man gets comboed so hard he decides to take a selfie

When your opponent in a fighting game knocks you up into the air and starts to juggle you with hit after hit, it can start to feel like there’s no end to the barrage. There’s certainly nothing you can do about it. Times like this, you have to think outside of the box.

In yesterday’s Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) tournament at Evo, this brave Toki player (player name Heartia) realized that his opponent’s Rei (Kain) had him caught in an inescapable “basketball” combo, so named because it breaks the game’s laws of physics and dribbles the enemy against the floor like a giant basketball.

Here we have a textbook example of what exactly Heartia is dealing with. This is a guaranteed death from the very first hit, but it’s also a slow one; the player being hit will have to sit around for about a minute before they can finally get back to the game. As insane as this looks, it’s pretty much par for the course in Hokuto, and Heartia has equally (possibly more) absurd techniques at his command. It’s just a matter of who hits first.

Rather than facing the prolonged agony of defeat, staring blankly at the screen, Heartia decides to have a little fun.

First Heartia snaps a picture of his opponent as he continues the endless combo, taking the crowd and his opponent by surprise.

Next, a buddy comes around and starts up a group selfie. This combo goes on for so long that Heartia even has time to check out the finished selfie seconds before the combo, and the round, finally ends. Even Kain, dutifully executing his combo, has a tough time not breaking into a grin.

Heartia made it to second place in the tournament, losing to another Rei player (Setsuo) who fittingly finished the tournament off with a 155-hit basketball combo.

When your destiny is already decided, you might as well do something before the hammer comes down.

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