The Disconnected Academic Left
Pulakesh Upadhyaya

Academic left as an appellation sits ill on this tribe, unquestionably leftist, that is discussed in detail here. Why academic? The word academic has an element of bookishness inseparably wrapped with it. Bookish people do not have any predilections as members of this tribe do. They form opinions from pamphlets and hearsay, absorb facts from purveyed opinions, read little and know a lot. It is not belief crystallised into dogma that is its biggest tragedy, rather the absolute philistine contempt for truly intellectual pursuits. This tribe may be political left, partisan left, ante-diluvian left, insurrectionist left but not academic left.

What is sadder is that this cult of quacks and fakirs disguised as quirky seers is gaining traction. Sort of some exclusive club of enlightened Boy scouts, who go about criticising pretty much everything. Any intellectual standpoint? None. Any new philosophy? Hardly. Yet people aspire to it- I may be born in a family of worldly idiots but I can chant revolutionary mumbo jumbo and gain access to this privileged club.

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