The Big Billion Day-saster: A Flipkart Chutzpah!

Lets just all collectively agree that we all were there at the virtual gates of the almighty, only to be greeted by ‘Out of Stock’ & ‘Sold out’ at the first site.

As if the fact that it was a Monday after a long weekend wasn't daunting enough, we were all taken for a roller coaster ride by flipkart for the things that we could have bought for the fraction of a cost. To buy or not to buy, that wasn't the question at all.

It was a big day for flipkart which was spot on with respect to it’s target for sales but at what cost? Here is a timeline based on public reactions across various social media platforms as to what all went wrong during the whole day.

Do you still think that flash sales or such artificial scarcity is a good way to make sales whereas we can already see that demand is outplaying the supply all the time?