Chinese Textile Anti-Microwave Radiation Detection Standard will be Implemented since October 1st, 2017

The new Chinese textile standard FZ/T 01139 is to determine the anti-microwave radiation of personal protective equipment by rectangular waveguide method. The standard has been published in April 12th.

With the popularity of electronic appliances, microwaves and electromagnetic waves bring us economic development, industrial progress, life quality improvement, information rapid dissemination. But the wave has become one source of environmental pollution at the same time. These waves can’t be felt directly by human when they are around us. They will cause bad effects on human health and safety. They will also cause great potential life-threatening, body injury, even body damage. The hazards caused by microwave interference are also serious in daily life. They also have the potential hazards of igniting the detonation or fire.

Personal protective equipment for anti-microwave radiation is widely used for medical care, military, aerospace and other special industries to avoid microwave radiation. The new standard can measure the performance of these PPEs with specific factors to represent the property.

By detecting the shielding effectivity of the samples, the testing standard provides detailed procedure to determine the microwave resistance. This standard provides quick, precise and solid method to measure the microwave radiation resistance of materials for personal protective equipment in specified industries.