On Feeling Weird About Tesla
Hank Green

Hank, have you driven a Tesla?

It feels like you’ve jumped 10 years into the future. While you may have weird “feelings” like I did (https://soundcloud.com/satchcast/53-tesla-model-x), the truth is that daily driving a Tesla is still amazing after 4 months and worrying about what others think is selling yourself short.

I think everyone will plug in and update their cars soon enough and Tesla is the beginning of that revolution.

Better to be a leader than a follower. Show people how amazing the car is and they will simply be happy for you and putting down their own deposit.

Before actually getting mine, I was scared too, and afraid what people would think, but once I got over that and embraced this new amazing tech, I realized those feelings were misplaced. People are excited to see and drive the car and happy that I was able to get one. Your fears are more in your head than in reality. There’s one good way to fix that.

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