5 Common Challenges While Developing Android or iOS App with Blockchain

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Jul 20, 2018 · 3 min read

The world is transforming traditional methods of transactions. Nowadays, performing an online transaction is no longer a grinding task. Netbanking, PayPal and Direct Bank Transfers, everything has a presence on your smart phones, giving you the ease to make transactions on-the-go using Mobile Wallets. Thus, you can transfer a big amount in a short span of time, using your Android/iOS applications. Similarly, social media and messaging is also available, in the form of apps, on your smart phone.

Thus, a digital method exists for every act that you wish to perform!

Blockchain is fast becoming the front and center of the technology discussion with intuitive applications being powered by its infrastructure. It is a method to protect user’s identity and securing the transactions itself. Many leading industry giants, financial companies, information technology leaders and even governments are opting to develop and deploy applications on Blockchain to enhance the method of transactions. Businesses and consumers can protect their clients and themselves from any type of vulnerabilities.

The fastest way to spread a blockchain based application is by launching mobile (Android and iOS) versions of the same. Android and iOS platforms have been adopted by all tech companies, however, applications built atop Blockchain may take a while to reach there due to some obstacles in developing mobile applications on blockchain :

  1. Challenging Technology:

Mainstream developers find it a bit of mayhem. When we refer to the term “Blockchain apps”, it will be developed with Android or iOS. Now, if we consider Blockchain platforms like Ethereum or Hyperledger, they are likely to be a bit tricky to operate. It’s different components like smart contracts or decentralized autonomous organizations do not have much compatibility to traditional Applications.

2) Limited Scalability

If we dig through the workflow of Blockchain, each of the nodes should be fully active to process every single transaction. Hence, there is no central party responsible. It is a compulsion for each of the nodes to participate to secure the system with a copy of the full state. Thus, it is very much important that your Blockchain network works flawlessly to make each transaction better. When it comes to developing an app specialized for Android or iOS, Blockchain platform might not be updated in real-time due to operator/network issues, hampering the performance.

3) Vague Blockchains

If we consider recent public Blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, they are still not fully acceptable. No doubt Bitcoin payments created a whole subject to wonder. But still, they are not as clear as they should be for the commercial usage. Thus, custom blockchains or forks could be required to create a functional application that is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

4) Privacy Issues

When you are working with Blockchain technology to build your Android and iOS apps, it is critical to track real-time transactions. The key reason behind this uncertainty of security is when someone establishes a connection, they will have an immediate access target with cookies and web trackers. These need to be analyzed and handled efficiently through your mobile platforms to ensure smooth functioning of the applications.

5) Lack of Platforms

While iOS or Android maintains a strong backend support, Blockchain application development tools and frameworks remain limited, making it challenging for a new developer to venture into it.

Though, Blockchain is evolving day by day, its translation onto usable applications like Android and iOS is restricted due to limitation in resources and tools.

Sate Development recognizes the business value of developing mobile applications for your use cases, on blockchain. Thus, Sate Development has spent the past year developing multiple mobile and web-based applications that can seamlessly integrate with blockchain platforms. If you are looking to build your new iOS or Android app with Blockchain, reach out to Sate Development to make your go-to market strategy easy, effective and hassle free with function mobile applications.


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Sate Development creates Enterprise solutions to help clients leverage the strength of Blockchain technology for their businesses. http://www.satedev.com/enterp

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