Dilemmas of Startups — Office Space selection, setup and management

One day, some issue or pain point he/she( with Entrepreneurial MindSet) observed make him/her think about starting a company. The desire of startup keep growing after he/she sees more cases where these pain points are not fully addressed even with multiple solutions exists in market to address that pain points and after he/she visualises the huge market potential for such solutions.

Then the entrepreneur start building concept and team to build MVP. Till here all fine with his/her energy spending on right work.

Then after when he/she determined to start a company and build the product/MVP, he/she start finding( immediately or couple of months later) office space ( proper office space or house) for startup. Now from MVP/Business Development domain, startup founders try to learn facility management and CA/CS role to find space and establish company.

For company establishment there exist several players but to replace a facility manager requirement of startup every few including www.evivo.in. Facility management role comes with lot of experience of identifying space, looking after multiple vendors, procuring at right prices and project managing end to end. Such task consumes lot of precious times of founders and have to faces lot of dilemmas as mentioned below.

Most entrepreneurs faces lot of dilemmas about choosing space like

  1. Home/garage vs Nice office space

A. Save money by working from home,

i. Attracting good employees to work for your startup running from home space is difficult, so initially with all founders developing MVP fine, but when startup needs few employees then this issues arises.

ii. Mixing personal life with office life while working from home space happens and hence disturbances arises while working on MVP from home space. This issues arises if you are married and living with family.

iii. Space look and feel won’t be inspiring one to work long hours and for creativity unless home interiors are well developed.

B. Proper office work environment enforces disciplines at work.

i. Meeting customers at nice office space works better.

ii. New Millennium Employee like to work in better office space and attracting them to work for startup would be easy with better office space compare to home space.

iii. Having all facilities like wifi, power backup etc help to speed up building MVP and then working on core business development.

2. Own Office space( Non shared space) Vs Co-working space

A. Funded startups have lot of options to chose among own office space and co-working space. But the bootstrapped startups have limited options to choose among own office space or co-working space.

i. If the startup has potential to grow within few months and need to hire staff or meet customers who expect better office space, then taking own office space would be good.

ii. Having own space gives liberty in customising the way company wants, in terms of number of cubes, decorating innovative way to inspire customers and employees.

iii. If company strength is more than 10/15 employee then own office space cost lower than co-working space.

iv. After building cubes essential for one’s startup, if some space is left out then one can let out remaining space by creating shared space to other startups. www.evivo.in help not only building innovative office space at reasonable price, but also renting out the free space to other startups.

v. Based on changing needs due to company growth or diversified business or pivoted idea, the own space can be redesigned easily to suits newer needs. www.evivo.in helps in these efforts.

B. Nice co-working space provides much needed facilities and environment to run business.

i. Meeting customers at nice co-working space will help a lot, also such places help to attract good employees.

ii. Such facilities provide uninterrupted power, wifi and good rooms for meeting, discussion and other needed facilities for employees like pantry, kids room etc.

iii. Overall cost of building and managing space will be less and startup won’t be spending/blocking bulk or major portion of bootstrapped fund in office space infra.

iv. But in longer run, cost of co-working space increases due to increase in staff, paying rent for resources used. For example meeting room cost per hour usage, printer etc cost.

v. Keeping company strategy discussions, other product road map and lot more sketches open to other startup or employees may create some risk.

3. Other Options of office space and Selection of location office space

A. For startup founders other options available like incubators/accelerators, startup warehouse, co-working space, converting residential with minimal amount office space etc.

i. Startup founders faces lot of dilemmas like

ii. Shall I locate near targeted customer base or near to my convenience space like near to home or kids school or cheaper location etc.

iii. Shall I relocate where startup ecosystem available like Bangalore, NCR, Mumbai etc or work from current place of staying.

iv. Cheap priced of space vs best location/space for startups.

v. Spend time to set up office space to save money or focus on core business and leave office setting up work to www.evivo.in.

vi. Explore self about the office space best suits to startup or outsource that work to www.evivo.in or hire one facility manager

Every options has some pros and cons, selecting options among own space and shared space or work from home depends on what kind of startup, where are startups targeted customers, where are houses of founders/employees working for startups and lot more.

Ourself realised very late about having good office space helps in speeding up MVP, after facing lot of power cuts, not having disciplined work life due to mixing family and office life and losing few employees.

www.evivo.in has observed that founders do facility management role mainly to save money, they try to do facility manager role using several individual players(company/vendors) for specific tasks. Founders won’t realise that vendors/Companies wont give better price to one off work/oder from that customers compare to www.evivo.in where they get repeat order and help vendors/company to sustain long term relationships. For any replacement, rework founders need to run around behind those vendors/companies.

Founder should actually spend more time on building MVP, focus to attract talent and necessity of having uninterrupted power/network to speed up developing MVP so that validate problem-solution

If founders still confused with options to chose then connect with www.evivo.in (info@evivo.in). www.evivo.in will help you to chose among own space vs co-working space based on startup vision, domain, fund availability and lot more factors. www.evivo.in also help to setup office space at best cost, best quality. Evivo will also help startup in procuring equipments( laptops, UPS, Printers etc either new one or refurbished products), materials( used chairs/furnitures/ cubicles, wall partitionings etc) at reasonable cost. www.evivo.in also helps startup to chose coworking space at right price. Since we also provide services to startups and provide resources like helpers, securities and help to establish pantry/ supply catering etc.

www.evivo.in determined to help the startup to make better decisions and save money and time. We give real feedback about the co-working space based on feedback from other startups who using those space. Also help to hire support staff, repairs, procurements and catering support.

Just like travel agent manager help to have your travel smooth, we help startup founders to build, manage facility effectively. Just one customer care no: +91 -7090508888 or whatsapp no: +91–7090608888 or toll free number 1800–270–8200 at every desk space to connect with your facility manager.