We asked 20,000 people who they are and how they’re learning to code
Quincy Larson

Nicely done Quincy ! Some real eye openers -

1. Number of people learning to code for starting their own businesses is roughly the same as people wanting to work for others (medium sized companies, freelancing, startups)

2. Half of the folks are still using w3schools!. And that’s more than the number of people who land up on MDN (probably because w3schools shows up as the first result on google for anything web dev)

3. 80% are males. I knew the ratio was skewed, but this bad…

4. Average age of learning to code is 28. Now, that’s refreshing!

5. People everywhere in the world are learning to code (well, almost)

6. Given India’s population, the numbers that responded here are low. But, then most are probrably already consumed in their 9–9 so called “IT Jobs” (I am an Indian, and a ex corporate programmer, believe me, I know…)

7. Where’s China?

Just went over to the FCC/DataScience gitter chat room and linked to this article.