Garmin Vivoactive with Rhythm+ vs Fitbit for HIIT (part 2)
Anand Kumar Sankaran

Was going to recommend Scosche or Mio Alpha 2 after reading your first article. These are the best wrist based HRMs — i don’t like chest straps because I sweat a lot and they slip and become inaccurate . My experience is there is no decent “value for money” HR + Activity Tracker combined device yet. Maybe a Fenix or High end Polar but they are too expensive. I use a Polar M400 + Mio Apha 2 and found it meets all my needs. Mio is great at HRM (bluetooth). Polar is fantastic at tracking everything else except sleep maybe because there is no continuous HRM. I love the Polar Flow statistics — their app and the online web app. It tracks everything — even when I work standing up. The other advantage with the M400 — the battery life is more than a week average. If you don’t need GPS, it lasts for a month !!. It looks good and is inexpensive.

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