Time Spent At Instagram : What it says about your mental state

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Cosens Photography on Unsplash
  1. I was just running away from my important work and doing procrastination.
  2. I was feeling a sense of pleasure , like when we are eating sugar we know that it is harmful for us but still we will go on finishing it and ending up in a guilt. Same feeling is attached with this .
  3. I scroll and see people posting about their achievement, travel , showing up their partner or many things which affect me mentally giving me a feeing of FOMO ( Fear of missing out) .This seems very casual but trust me it is not that casual or normal as it sounds. I have talked with many friends they all have shared that they end up feeling that physically they are not good or they are not doing good in their life or they are missing many things in their life, which often gives anxiety of mild depressions.



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Writing, Learning, Reading and exploring a space about our mental health.