How to Tell — Food is Organic or Not

Organic food is enormously popular and everybody wants to know about their benefits. The public opinion that organically grown food is healthier when compare to conventionally grown foods, and is the main reason for an increase in its demand over the past 4–5 years. This article will help you whether the food you are picking up is organic or not. After reading this article, choose the right Online Organic Store Chennai to buy pure organic fruits and vegetables in Chennai.


If it is organically grown, then no two items will look similar ever. No two leaves of the same guava tree will ever look 100% identical. Likewise, each mango, apple or even grain will always look different from each other. Their shape, color and structure will never be same.


Fruits, vegetables and lettuce won’t be large in size. So, huge potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum and radish, or bottle gourd, it is better to avoid cooking. However, some special cases in which people do grow huge-sized fruits and vegetables organically as well, but they are difficult to discover.

Your Insect Friends

Actually, worms in your grains are good signs. Naturally grown daals, rice, wheat and other grains will get worms after two to three months of storage and especially during the rainy seasons. Because worms too know that conventionally grown food is not edible. Likewise, if you see a few holes in the lettuce leaves, you are buying, and then pick up the bunch. Which means it is not heavily ‘pesticides’. After washing greens well, give a final rinse of salt water for two to three minutes. This helps to remove germs and micro worms.


When you cook organic vegetables, you will feel that natural flavor. Likewise, organic fruits are juicier as they are allowed to naturally ripen on the tree. Most of the mangoes today are artificially ripened using some chemicals and apples have the maximum pesticides and wax. The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is only for organic apples.


Organic vegetables and fruits are healthier, good for the digestive system and also help to avoid stomach acidity and gas related issues. Consuming organic food helps to develop body immune system and keeps healthier.

Read Ingredients

Please read the label of the food pack and check if there any preservatives present in the food. Most of the preservatives are petroleum based. You must avoid those foods.

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