Vice versa — An efficacious guide.

Life is an unpredictable game where everyone play for their own survival. This is the analysis of the four main motifs of Life with their respective advantages in disadvantages or the vice versa.

So let’s see those cardinal expedients,

Being concious about everything:

You go by walk on a busy morning road and you may seemingly feel like someone is concerned about your countenance. Well, that’s embarrassing! This is the result of being concious about everything. Life is not about being concious everyday. Sometime, it should be set free in order to feel your self independency.

Being prepared for everything

Being prepared is a good exploit to be followed. But, that could also lead in increased anxiety. Act at runtime. This may backfire you in some cases but it will also give you confidence in yourself if practiced on a regular basis.

Being possesive

Being over possesive will land you in an abashed situation in a relationship. Sometime, it’s good to be possesive on your life goals rather than an object of both living or non living. This will result in achieving your desired coup.

Being selfish

Selfish is a suboptimal state of mind which is mutually unfavorable for a person and the surrounding. But, at sometimes, it will also be a root cause for one’s success. For instance, being selfish in learning new things can be productive. Be selfish in spending your time to be productive rather than propotionating your time.


Hence, vice versa of something plays a major role in one’s life which can be both bountiful and unfavorable.