Set icon For Android Application.

Step 1:

Open your Project

Step 2:

Select File→ New→Image Asset

Step 3:

open new window

In the pop up that appears select the the new logo you would like to have(image/clip art/text).

select launcher icon > choose image file.

now open url input file box select your image path..

Show on your icon 5 type size.

  • drawable-ldpi (120 dpi, Low density screen) — 36px x 36px
  • drawable-mdpi (160 dpi, Medium density screen) — 48px x 48px
  • drawable-hdpi (240 dpi, High density screen) — 72px x 72px
  • drawable-xhdpi (320 dpi, Extra-high density screen) — 96px x 96px
  • drawable-xxhdpi (480 dpi, Extra-extra-high density screen) — 144px x 144px
  • drawable-xxxhdpi (640 dpi, Extra-extra-extra-high density screen) — 192px x 192px

Step 3:

Your icon background color change

  • click on background show in the list of color select your favirate color

Icon Shape Change

click on your icon shape→Next button click Finish

run your Application

That’s all..

Author :: Sathish