My life in 2015

Hi.. I just wanted to share my 2015 here;

It’s actually a wonderful year for me.

Firstly my job..

NTT data

NTT data is my first job.


From the family point of view.. New member joined in my family.. My niece.. My love actually😘

Hope I spent as much time as possible wit my family.


As I say..

Without friends life is null.

I got many lovable friends this year, who cares for me. Also, I miss many of my friends.. Who wr not in touch wit me.

I still hold some of them who are tough to leave. Hope I continue it to the end.

Love you guys.. SVR .. Always;


Love is the best feel one can get from any.

There is lot n lot in love. Sometimes madness proves us how much love it is.. You can’t fetch the love simply by saying. The feel were others should felt it

Don’t go behind the one for love. It should come for you.. Only then it stays longer. My first love.. Tried as much harder to saw it. Finally.. It teaches me, love is not to be saved,if you try to save it then it’s not love.

Love is tough and the girl is more tougher.

And finally..2015 ends my 7 yrs love story.

Many most lovable moments happened on this 2015.


I started working this year. Learning many things n got to know where I stay. I keep improving myself to reach my destiny. Each and everyday makes me learn something n push me upper. I make my rules n follow up each to get it reached.


Roaming is what I liked most and sometimes being rested is more loved than that. I didn’t travelled lot this year. And my ride pulsar didn’t allowed me to go alone. I still feel that I haven’t visited to any favorable places which I actually need it to be. I go far n far to reach the summit at one time.


My aims n interest are higher and higher.. Hence reaching it is still in the progress..

I know where I stand n where i wanted to be. 2015 dint gave much progress to it.

I can’t able to cover all in the short time, hope I go through it a least.

At last,we are in the very end of 2015.

Thank you so much for all the one who crossed into my life n bring me here.

Happy being at the end proves the success behind it.

Continuing 2016 with lots of hope and confidence in growing higher.

Just live the life what you wanted to be, not others wanted you to be..

Have a fabulous new year 2016 to all. 😊

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