•Smart Meter solution enables industrial customers to better manage their energy usage pattern, reduce overall power consumption and even benefit from pricing models

•The solution provides more accurate diagnostics and billing reconciliation

•The solution helps the customer to identify the energy leak and usage pattern

•Gives insight to the customer in energy consumption behavior of different equipment and as well as differences in consumption of similar equipment

•Real-time visualization and notification helps the customer to make informed decisions and performs immediate corrective actions

  • Historic energy data helps the customer to backtrace, evaluate and benchmark the optimal performance

High Level Gateway Architecture


•Establishes secured MQTT connection with IoT platform

•Interacts with persistence storage and transfers data to cloud

•Ensures data synchronization with cloud and cleans up the local DB

•Performs EDGE gateway analytics

•Maintains the device identification and status

•Communicates the event notification and store logs in remote server


•Handles all Input and output port in the hardware

•Monitors and reports hardware port status

•Maintains 2G/3G and WiFi access link layer

•Reads data from port and stores in persistence DB

•Relay output states are stored in non-volatile ROM , so that even after a reboot, relay states are maintained

Operating System

•Linux OS with all required packages


•Multiple IO protection features

•RS485 IO handles higher common mode voltage

•Handles 230V AC power

•Handles ESD levels up to 15KV Air discharge

•Optoisolated Digital Inputs (Optical Isolation level of 2500 Vrms)

•Handles Static voltages up to 72V

  • EFT / Surge up to 1KV

Reverse remote SSH Login

IoT Gateway publishes data via MQTT to IoT Platform

IoT Platform Acknowledges the message

Energy saving is a discipline achieved through continuous monitoring of energy consumption pattern and introducing effective best practices to enhance the optimal utilization of energy resources. Awareness drives appropriate energy efficiency behaviors in achieving organizational objectives. Operational improvements in monitoring, process control and real-time optimization combine to provide the vehicle for delivering sustainable energy efficiency. In -efficient systems leads to unwanted energy expenditures. Using proper solution that uncover opportunities to optimize your building and its systems can help transform your building into an asset that positively impacts your business.

Solution Overview



As a cloud-based service, you can monitor energy performance wherever you are by accessing Energy Manager on-line via any internet enabled device, including smart phones. You no longer have to worry about constant server updates and IT personnel keeping software up to date, It does this all for you along with frequent feature improvements and online support.

Flexible multi-user access

Our system allows for multiple users with varying levels of control access making it ideal for managing multiple buildings in multiple locations.

Ease of installation and use

Unlike other systems providers, with Energy Manager SaaS product, you don’t need to be an experienced Energy expert or an IT expert, to set up or use our energy management tools. We’ll set up and configure Energy Manager for you and support you online, so you can get on with running your business.


The ability to view and compare all of your meters, across multiple sites and time periods makes Energy Manager an ideal tool to manage a multi-site organization.


Energy Manager issues alarms when it detects anomalies in expected consumption, putting you in control

Smart Analytics

Smart analytics looks at actual normalized energy usage, patterns of expected consumption and identifies the drivers of your energy consumption to produce information you can act on that will help deliver energy savings.


Energy Manager fully customized reporting feature allows you to generate instant or scheduled reports on energy consumption, costs, carbon emissions, and allows you to view energy bills. Export reports as CSV file or in pdf format to share with key stakeholders.

Other Features

✓ No geographical boundaries allowing for multi building connection

✓ No meter connection limits

✓ Easy and cost-effective to set-up

✓ User-friendly and intuitive interface

✓ Compatible with most BEMS with an SQL or MS Access database



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