Notes from my Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam

Immediately after the exam I do a memory dump as notes. Hence it is also quite unordered. This is a sanitized list that gives general topics and questions I encountered. The intention is not to give you the questions, but to give you topics that you can be prepared for. I was often stumped by some questions; hopefully you can be more prepared based on my experience. Wish you the very best!

Tough exam. I assumed this one would be easier because I spent more time preparing and I had the experience of the previous certifications. After the exam I went over the questions again to remind myself later what areas were covered — the answer is, everything. Zero direct questions. Every question was embedded in a situation/use case.

My Certification

Google Cloud Certified — Professional Data Engineer

Notes from each of my exams

For those appearing for the various certification exams, here is a list of sanitized notes (no direct question, only general topics) about the exam.

Overall notes across all GCP certification exams.

Notes from the Professional Cloud Architect exam.

Notes from the beta Professional Cloud Developer exam.

Notes from the Professional Data Engineer exam.

Notes from the Associate Cloud Developer exam.

Wish you the very best with your GCP certifications. You can reach out to me at LinkedIn and Twitter, especially for training for the certifications, short term consulting on GCP, and anything related to GoLang.