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A trip to Nuremberg

It has been a long summer for me. When I was in India it was a burning hot summer and when I came to back to Germany where I am studying, summer had just started. But, it gives a good opportunity to travel. Unfortunately, being a student has its own pros and cons. It is always a tradeoff between time, money and energy.

I have previously written travelogues on wordpress, blogspot but this is the first time I am writing on medium and this place looks clean and beautiful which encourages me to write after long time. I will keep this simple, short and hopefully informative.

Audience for this post: If you are in Germany and if you are looking for a budget trip, this post may be useful.

Transportation and Accommodation: I always thought trains are the best possible option to travel across Germany on weekends, but for long distances I realised economical way is to travel by bus and Germany has many bus service. I booked all my travel through Flixbus( Thankfully, it accepts Paypal which is useful for students who do not get credit cards easily. All the hostel bookings I did it through Hostelworld ( If you are travelling on weekends, it is always better to book the hostels little earlier in Nuremberg as many people stop here for a weekend getaway. I stayed in A&O hostel which is very close to the bus station and is convenient. On the last day of my trip I stayed in FiveReasons hostel. Again, it is not far from the city and was good value for money. On an average I payed 25 Eur per day for the hostel.

Travel Plan: My travel plan was simple. I live in Aachen and I wanted to go to Nuremberg to visit my friend. So, I planned for a small weekend trip to Nuremberg and near by places. I have attached the map which shows the major stops you can take if you are on that route.

A journey from Aachen to Nuremberg

Nuremberg has several museums but I was mainly interested in Document zentrum where Hitler used to hold rally speeches during Nazi era. I was even interested to see Fabercastel factory which is a world famous brand. Surroundings of the Fabercastel factory is aesthetically beautiful and filled with colours.

Canal near Fabecastell

One thing to note is that certain museums and attractions are open only on particular day of the month. For example, Fabercastel factories are open only on 3rd sunday of every month. So, if you have time to plan ahead of your travel I would suggest to look into the days when they are open.

I spent a whole Friday travelling around Nuremberg getting from one U-bahn station to other, walking from one attraction to other. Most attractions are in and around the center of the city. Center of Nuremberg is beautiful to walk around and to get lost in the beauty of architecture. I will not spoil it for you by telling what to visit and not to. It varies highly from one individual to the other.

On Saturday, I met my friend and we went to visit caves(Teufelshöhle) in Franconian Switzerland. The nature at it’s best colors before winter due to autumn leaves. These caves are surrounded by beautiful routes. (Tip) If you are 2 person or have kids, there is a VGN ticket which is a cheap way to travel in that region and is valid for entire weekend. You can get more information on this at Information Centre of Deutsche Bahn(DB) in the railway station.

Frankonian Swiss

After visiting the Teufelshöhle, which lasted for a bit more than an hour, we still had time to visit the city of Bamberg. This was a real surprise for me. This place is a small city filled with classic architectural buildings. Buildings were huge, standing high and intact from olden times unlike other places in Germany where original buildings have been destroyed during the war. We were informed by a warmth person in the city that during bombings of the World war, the city of Bamberg was covered with fog which saved the city from destruction. This was evident from what we saw.

We hiked all the way to the highest point of the city where we saw the beautiful sunset while plucking and eating apples from the trees on the hills.

City of Bamberg

To keep things short, I have mentioned only few spots which captured my imagination. If you are a nature lover, Bamberg and Frankonia swiss will enthrall you, while the city of Nuremberg has many historical significant buildings and cathedrals to keep you busy. I would suggest this trip to anyone for a fun filled weekend. If you want to see more pictures from the trip you can check them at my flickr stream.(Flickr)

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