Hi Jennifer — thanks for that.
Daniel Clement

I agree with everything you say. The people with ethically problematic behaviors either don’t care or fail to see how their actions violate any codes of conduct. Obviously laws and threats of jail time don’t stop a lot of people.

My (somewhat disorganized and not-yet well-formed) thoughts about the efficacy vs pointlessness of this run along the lines of:

— I think there is some value to an ethics discussion in bringing to light the problems that are out there in our community and forcing some people to just acknowledge the problems at all. There are still a lot of people willfully turning a blind eye to even gross misconduct.
 — Would the kind of teachers who would go the extra step to not only agree to something like this but then promote it (whether voluntarily or through group pressure) be more likely to adhere to it? I dunno the answer to that. Just speculating. Some people are very motivated by reputation but then I’m sure other people might get more secretive. But if someone is going to be that pathalogical as to willfully sneak around ethics code violations, then there’s nothing we can do about them but support those who speak out.
 — I’m also thinking about the perception of the students, especially anyone who has already been victimized. Having been a victim of on-campus assault myself in college, that those kinds of crimes are getting more attention is refreshing and validating to me. Are victims more likely to come forward if they feel that the community is more ethics-minded and more likely to support them? 
 — What would happen if we moved passed wondering if someone’s yogic enough for eating meat and started just holding each other more accountable? If not Yoga Alliance (whole other can of worms), can studio owners hold their teachers more accountable to something like this? Would a more ethics-minded atmosphere help give whistleblowers some courage to speak up?

I’m sure I have more ponderings, but this is probably enough for now.

Thank you for contributing to the conversation.

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