Adobe Editing Now More Potent on iOS with Photoshop Fix

A slew of updates were released by Adobe to cater to the exploding iOS user segment. With bigger iPads and iPhones released by Apple recently, it made complete sense to empower the Adobe suite of graphic design offerings to be empowered with new products and fresh updates. Design enthusiasts will remember how much Adobe had dived deep in order to appeal to the iOS user market. As a next step, Adobe has now come up with a re-touching tool that works exclusively on iOS devices and enhances the graphic design and image manipulation capabilities of the Adobe Photoshop on iPads and iPhones. This new app is called the Photoshop Fix.

What is unique to this app?

This app from the Photoshop stable provides a wide array of options for designers and users to get a professional level of retouching done on the images. Some of the options presented by the app include popular functionalities such as Smoothen, Heal, Liquify, and Lighten. These help get an advanced level of re-touching and restoration done on images for a fresh new look. Photoshop Fix’s cross integration with Adobe Cloud services — The Adobe Creative cloud — ensures that you can access these images on the go and retrieve them to any device and any time. Along with this, the app also features compatibility with Adobe’s premier editing tools — Photoshop and Lightroom.

Feature list

Serious users would query on the difference between its already existing Photoshop Mix and this new Photoshop Fix. Mix allows users more of composition functionalities (extracting an object from an image to use elsewhere or to delete it from the canvas). On the other hand Fix allows only retouching of the image to give it a new look.

The app has built in multiple re-touching and restoration capabilities to give your image a touch of spunk. Some of these features include –

  • Color Mask — Toggling it on shows you a list of the items you have selected for the retouching purpose
  • Liquify — For subtle or dramatic impact, you can adjust a particular part of the face by pulling or stretching
  • Smooth — Contextual portions such as face or background can be sharpened or smoothened with this tool
  • Heal and patch — Use surrounding areas to heal a particular portion of the image and then blend them smoothly together
  • Lighten — Enhance the contrast or darkness of any part of the image
  • Paint — It helps in more precision based eyedropper oriented work
  • Adjust — Basic adjustments such as contrast, exposure and saturation can be modulated here
  • Blur — Get the defocus option to blur out background or surrounding portion in an image

Looking to transfer your work to Photoshop CC to implement more powerful features on the image? This too is possible with a one tap transfer facility provided within the app.

What’s next?

iOS users can get this app for free but it doesn’t include Creative Cloud support. Though the app is presently available only on iOS, the development team has confirmed that they are working towards an Android version release too.

Get this amazing yet free app from iTunes here.

Originally published at: MobDevApp