Adobe’s Lightroom Brings in More Power with Android updates

After polishing the Lightroom App for iOS, Adobe has once again added interesting features to its Android counterpart to make it more meaningful and enjoyable. Users who are familiar with Lightroom already know that the app has been facing problems since its launch and needed a big overhaul on the Android platform, so here it is.

The Lightroom 1.2 update by Adobe not only fixes the lingering problems that made flawless photo editing a dream, but it has also improved on the feature’s aspect. Let’s explore how it is a better experience now for users often doing photo editing on their Android handsets.

  • You can copy and paste a list of changes you have done to an image to another one. It makes easier for you to do editing for multiple pictures that need almost similar final touch.
  • The new crop tool lets you align, adjust and automatically straighten the images.
  • You can now see collection of your photos in a segmented view. No doubt it will take less time now to search images, view the same and work on their editing.
  • Now, Raw File Support has been added for the Panasonic Lumix CM1 Communication Camera.

Other than providing the above given features, Lightroom is now more convenient and flawless to use due to these fixes-

  • Screen rotation will not be affected when changing its orientation. Earlier it used to become blank in-between the changes.
  • Lightroom will not crash anymore when users will click on the ‘sign in’ button on their Android mobiles.
  • It is now flawless to scroll through a large collection of images and changing their orientation simultaneously.
  • Now, the hardware back button will not interfere with the contextual menu you might be using on your phone.
  • Swiping over images led to the app freezing up. The new update has taken care of this issue too.
  • The issue reported by some Samsung tabs that moving and copying certain images to different collections of photos was problematic has been fixed now.
  • There will be no more automatic logouts and you can logout ‘only’ when you want at your own comfort.
  • Edits done by Lightroom 1.2 will be visible now in selected third party applications and services.
  • Moving effortlessly from the ‘grid view’ to ‘collections view’ is possible now without any problematic crashes.

Lightroom 1.2 is a companion mobile app along with the desktop version of the same app known as Lightroom 5.4 or its later versions. These form a collective photo editing platform and are a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan. According to Adobe’s development team, they are working on improving the user experience and the similar set of features for Lightroom 1.2 users on iOS and Android phones.

This update in form of Lightroom version 1.2 will be applicable for Android phones and tablets.

Light Room 1.2 is available on the Google Play Store

You can enjoy this app for the first thirty days absolutely free, and later on, avail its exciting new set of features by paying a reasonable monthly cost.

Originally published at: MobDevApp

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