Are mobile apps overtaking websites?

In this age of smartphones, tablets and a free market for app developers, the world has been witnessing the sign of a change that is palpable, logical and inevitable in the long run. Websites and browser-based activities seem to be slowly losing their popularity to the multitude of mobile apps currently available on different devices and app platforms. As such the question arises — Are mobile apps overtaking websites?

There is a clear and evident trend as studies by many corporate and independent statistics and analytics companies have established beyond doubt, and it is estimate that mobile app use will keep increasing steadily over the immediately foreseeable future. Consider the following change in market share of different devices used to access eCommerce sites

As evident, mobile share is fast eating into PC’s in a span of just one year.

Another interesting piece of data that the Monetate quarterly report brings out is the fact that tablets are ahead of PC’s when it comes to sales conversion, suggesting that people are more comfortable using tablets to purchase products. However this is not true for smartphones where the conversion is still very low. This shows that people use mobile for just browsing or navigation, while preferring tablets or PC’s to do the actual purchase.

Mobile internet was an immensely popular thing once it hit the market, and its use has steadily grown over the years. It took a little time for people worldwide to embrace the concept of smartphones and internet access on the go, but there was no looking back once it had caught on.

Then mobile apps started getting better. Ushered in by platforms such as Blackberry, Apple’s iOS based devices, Nokia’s Symbian platform and Google’s Android OS, the concept of mobile apps gave app developers a previously unexplored playing field where they could use this advanced technology and create apps catering to every need and providing every information a user might want. Mobile app use has substantially increased ever since, and has currently overtaken the use of websites and other browser-based activities

Recent studies from independent analytics firms like Flurry and Zokem have found out an insurmountable fact — people spend more time on mobile apps than on websites or browsers.

According to one study, mobile apps count for the second most used feature on smartphones, with only messaging being ahead. Another study indicated that on average, users spend 9% more time on mobile apps than they do on websites and other browser-based activities.

A major contribution to this trend has been the sheer number of apps that are available to users currently. The two market leader in the mobile app platform department, Apple and Google, have a combined number of more than 10 million apps available for download in their app markets — a number that is steadily increasing every day. All signs indicate that mobile apps have already overtaken websites by a small margin, which is projected to increase significantly in the near future.

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