Combat Diabetes Using Your Apple Device

Humans today have evolved both technologically and mentally. The drive for excellence in any field has become the need of the hour. To achieve this, we don’t hesitate to push ourselves to the limit in everything we do. The advent of such a workaholic lifestyle makes it all the more difficult for us to balance between our personal and professional lives. Not to mention the toll it takes on a man’s both physical and mental health. The result — modern day lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, which wreaks havoc on a person’s life, if not managed carefully.

Top 5 iPhone 5 Apps for Diabetes

This is where you can use the present high end technology to your favor. Almost everyone these days has an iPhone or smart phone. Health apps are a great way to organize and keep a check on our daily health schedule. Now diabetic patients can use these apps to manage their activities with0 precision. The top five iPhone 5 apps for diabetes are the following:

  • Diabetes App Lite: A very useful app, it aids in monitoring the changes in your body glucose level and keeps a track of the factors influencing these fluctuations. Hence one can plan his lifestyle and dietary intake accordingly.
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  • Dosecast: The app is a great help not only for combating diabetes but for other health conditions too. It is a free app which gives out reminders ensuring you take your medicines, drugs and even supplements on time. The best part about it is that it works well even without internet connectivity.
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  • Pocket Diettian: It offers a user friendly diet plan for diabetes patients. It offers a dietary chart as per your food preferences indicating the nutrient value of your meal. Moreover, it helps you plan your daily health schedule even for high blood pressure, obesity and cholesterol. The app is free.
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  • Healthsome G for Glucose: This is the most popular and free diabetes app on the Apple store. It helps monitor the blood glucose level and weight. It gives good advice on maintaining one’s glucose level along with accurate statistics and health reminders.
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  • Go Meals HD: This is a quite innovative app which keeps a complete record of your diet plan and meals, whether you plan on eating at home or out. It consists of a vast database of common restaurant dishes and recipes along with the nutritional aspects of each. It doubles up as an important diet monitoring tool for diabetics who need to keep a constant vigilance against starchy and sugar rich foods and manage their diabetes on a continuous basis.
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In addition to these health specific apps available on the Apple store, you can even use the basic apps and utilities that come with your iPhone or iPad. For example the calendar app or the reminders can be used for scheduling your frequent health checkups and organize your meal timings. Jogging and fitness related apps too are also widely available. Hence you can prepare a holistic and effective health plan just at the click of your fingertips.

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