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In a time full of surprises, there really is no telling what would go on to capture the attention and fancy of millions of people. A similar spectacle of this sort happened with Ethan, created by the now famous Ethan Glichtenstein. First noticed on Product Hunt, the immensely popular startup discovery website, this app was meant to be a simple means for friends and acquaintances to reach Ethan, the creator of the app.

Over time, other people started using the app extensively and Ethan ended up responding and giving advice to large numbers of people. The app went viral, causing one of the unlikeliest success stories that can be imagined. With his own open source version of the Ethan framework still being a work in progress, developer Michael Gozzo has beat Ethan at his own game with his release Ethanifier, which allows people to create their own single-purpose messaging application.

The Success of Ethan

Starting out as a project for private use, Ethan soon became a worldwide rage. Many people discovered and downloaded the app to use it as a source of sound advice and pleasant conversation. Over time, the success of this project prompted Glichtenstein to start developing an open source version of this project which would allow anyone to create their own single-purpose messaging app. Gozzo, in the meantime, was busy with his version of the open source framework and his project, Ethanifier, is now ready for use.

The Ethanifier Framework

Gozzo, whose earlier project Appifier was a big hit, took inspiration from the simple concept of Ethan. He then created Ethanifier to enable people to make their very own version of single-purpose messaging. With apps created by Ethanifier, people can now respond to messages from multiple users from their own inbox and even set automated responses on a user-specific or global basis. The motive with Ethanifier, Gozzo states, was not doing business. Rather it is an attempt to make the technology behind Ethan available to the general public, so that they could use it for their own purposes. The project has already garnered hundreds of followers and users have already started preparing their own versions of Ethan.

In keeping with the recent trend of overly simplistic and single-purpose apps scaling the heights of popularity, Ethan was a surprise package. Now, with the power of Ethanifier, anyone can harness the simplicity and ease of use of a single-purpose messaging app and use it for either personal or business needs. Ethanifier currently is available as a API add-on.

The Future

In recent interviews Glichtenstein has hinted that his open source version of Ethan would bring a lot more to the table, including the app itself, an admin app and an admin web interface. He has expressed his approval for the Ethanifier project and stated that it is indeed a fun way for people to experience the world of apps like Ethan. The question is whether this trend will continue to grow exponentially like it is at present, or fizzle out slowly. Whatever is the outcome, both the released Ethanifier and the upcoming Ethan platform present infinite possibilities for creative users.

Originally published at: MobDevApp

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